AI Color Theory

Negative Poetry v.2.0: AI Color Theory is an experiment in negation using color-text relations and machine learning. Using OpenAI’s CLIP model – one of the first successful models trained on a large corpus of both text and images – we developed a system where 4096 colors (12-bit RGB) are matched to words of an English dictionary.

Each word and image are transformed into a 512-dimensional point space and then compressed into spherical 2D in a process that maximizes preservation of distances between pairs of points. Word-color relation is established by proximity and color negations are looked up by 180 degree rotation over the polar axis. By this method, we construct a color-word dictionary that facilitates word negations using geometry of language and color complementarity.

Collaborators: Studio RNDR (software & visualisations)
Support: Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries Fund NL (Digital Culture grant), LAB[au] Brussels

Installation view: P,Oe?!e TOPO? / LAB[au], Brussels (15-31 Oct 2023)

Screenshots: (1) AI Color space mapped onto 2D surface of a sphere, (2) word-color relation index, (3) negation using 180 degree color oppositions