NP Human Algorithm

[Online performance]

Negative Poetry Human Algorithm is an online performance bridging collective thinking, theatre and complexity science. A computer made of people tackles the complex task of transforming a poem into its negative or opposite, thereby generating a potentially infinite combinatorial polyphony of possibilities.

The work is a collaboration between Katarina Petrović, Orion Maxted and The Interactions group. The Interactions group is a transdisciplinary ‘thought band’ of roughly 20 artists, scientists and philosophers who together explore the weird and wonderful folds in the dimensions of all possible collective thought through experiments in collective intelligence, complexity science, cybernetics and algorithmic theatre.

Interactors: Orion Maxted (theatre maker/artscientist), Katarina Petrović (artscientist), Renske Vroomans (evolutionary biologist), Enrico Sandro Colizzi (evolutionary biologist), Izabelė Jonušaitė (philosopher), Sára Iványi (poet), Thomas Dudkiewicz (theatre maker), Marie Groothof (theatre maker) and Cadell Last (philosopher).

Programming and technical support by Keez Duyves (PIPSlab) and Jur de Vries. The Interactions group is hosted and supported by the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Amsterdam (IAS).

Negative Poetry v1.0 was supported by Mangelos Foundation (Young Visual Artists Award Serbia), Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade and Oxford English Dictionary.